Des Moines, IA 


File submission & Artwork guidelines

Follow these industry standards for the best print possible

How to setup your artwork:

Screenshots from phones, and pictures of a completed product(IE: a picture of a shirt) will not work as a printable image.

  • File format is critical. Please submit files in the following formats

    .jpg | .png | .pdf | .eps | .ai

  • Color Profiles. RGB – I know it might seem strange, but most software for full color digital RIPs use an RGB color palette. Please submit artwork in RGB color space. Unless it is for Screen printing. Screen printed files are best when submitted in vector format using Illustrator, and separated with PMS tagged colors as each color has to be labeled in order to print correctly, and reduce the possibility of inaccurate colors.
  • Image Quality. 300 dpi. Open “Image Properties” and make sure artwork is set to at least 300dpi, or 300ppi. This will yield the sharpest image possible.
  • Image Size. Please check the final inch size of the artwork so we can impose it properly without having to resize the artwork.
  • Setup. If any extra work is needed to make your artwork printable, we will contact you, and inform you of any extra charges.

If you have any other questions, or need help getting your files prepared correctly, you can always contact us using the button below. We will help guide you along the way, so you get the highest quality print possible, and are satisfied with the results.