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Screen Printing • DTG Printing • Sublimation


T-Byrd Graphics offers traditional screen printing at competitive prices. Screen printing allows you to customize apparel for yourself, to give as a gift, to promote the products and services of your business, or to promote an event.
The Dependable Choice. Screen printing has often been the method of choice for many customers and fans. Offering up to 8 colors and a variety of effects, we can make your image come to life in stunning resolution with our custom separation techniques. To embellish your apparel with a clear and vivid design, try our screen printing services.
Large Order Economically. Screen printing is the most economical option for large runs of printed apparel. We strive to offer you a range of options so that you can get the best possible results at a competitive price. We offer several different brands of t-shirts and have overnight access to most brands, styles, and weights available. If you are interested in screen printing services for larger orders, please contact us, and we will get you an estimate as soon as possible. For information on how to submit artwork please visit our file submission guidelines page.


T-Byrd Graphics offers full-color t-shirt and garment printing on light or dark-colored garments using the latest digital printing equipment, in-house. No need to supply complicated color-separated artwork as needed for screen printing. High-quality images can be printed directly on the garment in vivid full color in record time.
No Color Limitations. DTG has the amazing ability to print as many colors as you want at no extra fee. We strive to get the best print for your money by offering services such as DTG, which is hands down, the most vivid and vibrant full-color print on the market. No Minimum Orders. Would you like 1,000 shirts, or just 10? Either way, we got you covered. We offer low-quantity orders using our in-house shirts for quick turnaround. If you would prefer a different garment, there may be a slightly longer turnaround time. Our in-house brand yields the highest quality print available.


Dye sublimation printing uses ink and heat to transfer an image onto a material. Sublimation printing transfers full-color artwork onto polyester and polymer-coated substrates. Sublimation can be used on many materials such as 100% polyester fabric products and specially coated plastics, ceramics, metal, hardboard, acrylic, neoprene, and more. The process of sublimation uses heat and pressure applied to the ink and transfer paper, transforming it into a gas without passing through the liquid state, which fully embeds the graphic onto the material. No color limitations. Sublimation allows for full-color images to be printed on the substrate. No ink layer feel. With screen printing and other types of transfers, you can feel the layer of ink laying on top of the substrate. Sublimation eliminates this feeling. It won’t crack or peel.
Vibrant colors. Sublimation has amazing color results. The process of heating the inks really makes the colors pop. The results have to be seen to be believed. Longevity. The process makes the ink become one with the substrate. Products that are sublimated can be used indoors, or outdoors. Signs are very weather-resistant, and license plates will last for many years. These are durable prints that can take a beating. Bottom line. Other processes like screen printing, vinyl transfers, digital transfers, and others can’t boast the durability of a good sublimation product.